Tips about Nail Art

Hey everyone!

I’ve been working really hard at the salon lately, and I’ve been making tons of designs for a bunch of clients! It’s been a lot of fun, and I really love what I am doing with my life. So to help you guys out, I decided to write out some tips, as nail art is getting increasingly popular!

1. Always practice your complex designs before you go for them. Buy some nail art wheels, or even just use some paper or whatever to try to get the design down first. I’ve made so many mistakes before when I wished I had tried out the design beforehand. Don’t make the same mistakes!

2. Get some tools to make your life a whole lot easier. Dotters, good brushes, etc. All these things take out so much of the hassle when making nail designs. If you use really poor quality stuff, it can break or just ruin the designs you worked so hard on. And that would be the worst!

3. Be creative and have fun. Whatever you are inspired by whether its a book, a tv show, a video game, some celebrities nails, or whatever, experiment with new and creative designs as much as you can! Have fun with it, because you want your nails to reflect your personality. Check around on the internet if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, it can really help you out!

4. Keep trying until you succeed. I’ve spend hundreds of hours at this point painting nails and working on nail art, and I still have things I can improve on. No one is perfect, but practice will make you better as long as you keep at it. Don’t get discouraged, one day you’ll be great at nail art!
Well those are my tips on nail art. Now get out there and make some cute nail designs!