Cute Nail Designs: Ideas You Can Use!

by mycutenaildesigns

So you want to create some cute nail designs? Well this is the guide for you. Here’s some awesome ideas for some really great art!

1. Pokemon

Everyone loves Pokemon! It’s the show we all grew up on, and the game we all played (or are still playing!) Why not make paint some of your favorite Pokemon all over your fingernails? They’d look super cute! You can also add in other things like a Pokeball, a potion, a gameboy, you name it! You’ll be catching all the attention of your friends!

2. Another one of the cute nail designs that I’ve come across was this adorable patterned nails. Cute Patterned Nail Design

The colors are really great and the patterns really make everything pop out! Adding solid nails is always a good strategy in order to make sure that everything looks even better.

3. This video showcases some really adorable stitch nails that are adorable! It also provides a simple tutorial on how to make them. Check it out!

4. Try out some flower designs!

Every girl loves flowers! Flowers are cute, simple, and elegant all at the same time. This makes them really nice for adding to just about any finger! Also, with the huge variety flowers have in colors, size, shape, texture, etc. you can make a ton of different types of flowers, and each will be beautiful and unique in its very own way! One of the favorite nail designs I did for a client was some really adorable sunflowers, since they were her favorite! We ended up making her thumb the flower and the rest of the nails were the stalk. It came out great and she loved it!

5. Cartoon Characters/Disney

Everyone loves to bring out their inner child, and the easiest way to do that is by drawing cartoon and Disney characters! I’ve seen tons of amazing designs that fall into this category, with characters from movies and shows like Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, Adventure Time, Tom and Jerry, Snow White, The Lion King, Totoro, Dexters Lab, you name it! Everyone has their favorites, so pick out yours and go with it! Cartoons also tend to use some cool colors, so this can be a lot of fun!


Well there is some ideas for you to try out! Remember to always have fun while you paint! If you want some more inspiration for cute nail designs, or wanna see some of the things other people have done with their time, I recommend checking out Pinterest or Good luck and have fun!